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Hello Jay,  here is a suggestion.  Look under the audio tab in WXJTX.  Pick codec audio device so the audio comes out and goes through the USB cable to your radio.  If you don't see a codec device then you need to down the audio software for that particular radio that be controlled through the USB cable.  

Other wise you need an external interface box to take the audio out of the computer's sound card into the interface box, then the audio out of the interface box audio goes to your radio's mic input.  There are a number of these boxes on the internet.  Look on Amazon also.

73, alan WA3EKL

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I just got my 991a last week, and I am trying to set up WSJTx on it. I think I got everything working, except for that when WSJT goes to transmit, the radio is using the microphone for the input device. This seems to me like it would be a setting in the radio. Computer is a Lenovo X1 Carbon running Windows 10.


Does anyone have any idea on how to fix?




I was using my TS-590sg with my Rpi4 flawlessly. I have read about a hamlib incompatibility error, and I was trying to update my rpi4 to the latest version of WSJTx and I received an error saying that the file could not be downloaded? I am connected to the internet. I downloaded the 32 bit arm version, and during installation I get the error about error downloading. Although I think it I get the pi working, I will have the same problem with the audio being routed through the microphone.



Any help greatly appreciated!









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