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On 17 Oct 2021, at 19:10, Don Putnick <donnieput@...> wrote:

I've been away from FT8 for a bit. I now have macOS 10.6 (Big Sur) and WSJT-X WSJT-X v2.5.0 on my MacBook Pro. Decode works just fine. When I try to transmit I get an error message "Error in Sound Output. An error in opening the audio output device has occurred. Any suggestions where I should start looking?
In System Preferences -> Sound panel, make sure you have the Input and Output devices set to the Griffin iUSB device. I have Line Out (the headphone jack on my MacBook Pro) going directly to Line In on my Elecraft K3, and Line In going via USB to my iMic (for Line Out). I have the Big Sur Sound preference panel set to “Headphones” for Output and the iMic USB for Input.

If you’re using the iMic for both sound in and out, set the Sound panel that way.

Hope this helps.

John K8AJS

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