locked Re: Rig forced to VFO A by WSJT-X #Windows 10 #WSJTX_config #Cat_RigControl #Windows10

Bill Somerville

On 18/10/2021 10:51, Paul Taylor wrote:
Hi Mike, any updates on this? It will be good to go back to how it was when WSJT-X didn't tinker with my settings by switching to VFO A all the time.

To paraphrase Bob McGraw, one might say "what is so important about VFO A?" I definitely would like to be able to keep all my digital work on VFO B, which is also where I have my filtering set differently on the rig, although I can live with it for now if it's a temporary thing.

Hi Paul,

I am informed this has been repaired. If you are running on MS Windows you can try the latest snapshot build of Hamlib from the Hamlib team. Download the appropriate binary snapshot from here:


you need the .ZIP archive for you platform (32-bit or 64-bit WSJT-X installation), extract the libhamlib-4.dll library from it (in the bin sub-directory) and replace the file with the same name in your WSJT-X installation (C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\ is the default location).

Let us know how it goes please?


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