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it sounds as if the radio is not set to data mode. p.123 of the English user manual has instructions for setting up data modes. This applies to WSJTX, even though it's not specifically mentioned. The mode that you need is DATA-USB. If you're using USB for CAT control, then under WSJT-X, in Settings, and on the Radio tab, set Mode to Data/Pkt and that should change the audio source. The default appears to be None, which is probably not what you need.

Again, assuming that you're USB connected, then in the Audio tab select the FT-991A for Input and Output. [Not running Windows here, so can't provide specific details.]

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PS: Manual at https://www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=102&encProdID=490C4A71118AD0F4E825E89D821B73BB&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0

On 18/10/2021 03:47, Jay wrote:



I just got my 991a last week, and I am trying to set up WSJTx on it. I think I got everything working, except for that when WSJT goes to transmit, the radio is using the microphone for the input device. This seems to me like it would be a setting in the radio. Computer is a Lenovo X1 Carbon running Windows 10.


Does anyone have any idea on how to fix?




Any help greatly appreciated!





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