locked Re: Xeigu G90 // XPA125B amp // WSJT-X #transmit issue 40/30m #transmit

Jim Brown

On 10/17/2021 6:09 AM, Mark Bell via groups.io wrote:
If I buy one from a manufacturer, is the manual going to tell me exactly where to install it? I've seen some recommending closer to the feed point of the antenna, others at the entrance of the shack and some near the transmitter? I've seen people recommending it two different ways. Some I read even said install one choke near the feed point and another near the radio.
NEVER buy a choke. ALWAYS build it from my Choke Cookbook. First, the cookbook. http://k9yc.com/2018Cookbook.pdf

Slides for a talk a did for Pacificon on Friday.


First choke ALWAYS at the feedpoint (up in the air, or at the base of a vertical).

If a choke at the shack helps, you have SERIOUS problems with bonding and grounding. Study N0AX's ARRL Book on the topic, to which I contributed, and/or study the slides for talks I've done at Pacificon, Visalia, and to several ham clubs. The second edition was just released.


Note that a few specifics of power system bonding are different outside NA, but Mother Nature (the Laws of Physics) doesn't respect political borders, building codes, or trade unions. Both my work and Ward's are specifically written for NA, but there are docs on my website that are international in scope, and in consultancy with a colleague in the UK, with whom I have long served on the Standards Committee of the Audio Engineering Society. k9yc.com/publish/htm

73, Jim K9YC

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