Re: new version 25 doesnt switch ic9100 to usb-d mode #Cat_RigControl #Icom

bob lee

Hi Bill, I sent a few minutes ago but it must have gone to cyberspace so I'll try again

I added the dll to ver25 and it does startup data mode (great) however the filter is changed to #2 position which is narrower

Yesterday I noticed after using ver 24 that is sets up fineĀ  usb=d and filter #1 but after closing wsjtx and going back to just USB mode that the filter was selected as #2
I had noticed this before but thought I had selected it working SSB with some adjacent qrm

So when I use mmsstv I set it up in the menus to call the freq (not shown) and usb data mode FEFE7cE01A060101FD
I also setup a data mode off button for when I leave mmsstv FEFE7cE01A060000FD

I'm wondering if there is some place in the files where as wsjtx is initialized that the USB data mode command could be inserted
This was from the manual pg 193

I though of using a script or bat file but I think wsjtx would write over it with the usb-d with filter#2

thanks, Bob VE3CGA

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