Re: new version 25 doesnt switch ic9100 to usb-d mode #Cat_RigControl #Icom

bob lee

Hi Bill, well just about there.
the usb-d mode is now selected going into wsjtx
however the rig is put into filter 2 which really narrows the field of view
additionally it leaves the USB mode in filter#2 as version 24 does as I found out yesterday (below)

Running version 24 I never realized it (originally thought it had been previously set by me) but although it starts up just fine with usb-d mode & filter set at #1, when I exit and manually switch back out of data mode, whatever band was selected with wsjt-x is left in filter #2 even though wsjt-x ran in data mode with the filter set to filter #1.
In other words, with wsjtx exited, manually switching to usb mode the filter is now filter #2. Manually switching back to data mode shows filter #1 (good)

I dont know if the data mode ON cmd $FEFE7cE01A060101FD could be inserted into the 9100 configuration 
Different program but I have do this with mmsstv radio commands for each bands then I deselect, put mode back to USB with filter untouched: $FEFE7cE01A060000FD

From the manual pg 193:

I wonder if there is somewhere in the wsjtx files where I could insert these command strings

tnx Bob VE3CGA

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