locked Re: new version 25 doesnt switch ic9100 to usb-d mode #Cat_RigControl #Icom

Bill Somerville

On 14/10/2021 00:47, bob lee wrote:
hi all, upgraded from version 24 to version 25 and have noticed the new version doesnt put my 9100 into data mode, it stays in usb (voice) mode
I've switch back to version 24 which like all the others I've used, switches the rig to usb-d mode
I cant find anything in the config screens thats different.
Is there somewhere to change the commands sent to initialize the rig
The rig is connected to the computer through the usb cable

thanks Bob VE3CGA
Hi Bob,

so I can see what is happening please run the following test.

Put the attached file into your WSJT-X configuration files directory (on MS Windows that is the same as the log files directory "Menu->Open log directory"), restart WSJT-X, carry out a *minimal* test that demonstrates the issue, then quit WSJT-X. It will have created a file called WSJT-X_RigControl.log on your Desktop. Send me (g4wjs <at> classdesign <dot> com) the log file for analysis please?

Once you have sent the log file you can delete the log file and log configuration file to return to normal operation.


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