Re: #FoxAndHound #Cat_RigControl Saving preferences changes rig dial frequency #Cat_RigControl #FoxAndHound

Bill Somerville

On 14/10/2021 01:16, Jeremy Turner wrote:
I'm running version 2.5.0 on Intel Mac, FT8 F/H as a hound.

I opened the preferences window and updated the IP address to send my log over to MacLoggerDX. When I clicked OK to save the preferences, WSJT-X changed my radio off of the non-standard frequency I was on (7.056 MHz) to the standard one (7.074 MHz).

Should clicking OK on the preferences window change my dial frequency? Why wouldn't it leave it alone?

Jeremy / N0AW
Hi Jeremy,

currently WSJT-X resets the CAT connection when you change settings and exit the settings dialog. We recommend setting up a separate configuration for FT8 DXpedition Hound mode ("Menu->Configurations"), then add the current published working frequencies ("Settings->Frequencies") of DXpedition stations using FT8 DXpedition Fox Mode. That will allow quick QSYs to their frequencies in the correct mode. Once set up like this it becomes much easier to track down the band they are active on where you have propagation.


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