Re: MAP65 Installation #map65

Bill Somerville

On 13/10/2021 22:30, Ian Morrison wrote:
Hi Bill
I moved the UDP port in Linrad back to 50004 instead of taking Linrads assignment and get the same result.
also did a restart same result. This windows 10 PC is brand new and has no other software loaded but Windows 10, Linrad and WSJT-X with MAP65 3.0.
Used netstat -ab to check who is using what ports and found Edge may be using 50024.
The end of the 7 seconds shows a decode light but the rx stays off until the next minute zero.

73 Ian
Hi Ian,

I doubt Edge is using UDP on any port so that is not an issue, TCP and UDP are separate.

The only requirement on port numbers is that whatever you set in the MAP65 settings for the port to listen on (default is 50004) must be the same port you have Linrad sending on. Whichever port being used will have to be opened on the Windows machine firewall for incoming UDP traffic to MAP65.

Ephemeral ports are granted to processes on some internal basis by the operating system, a restart should always sort out any issues where the o/s has granted a port you want to use to another process.

So I am not sure what is happening. Other MAP65 users are able to use Linrad to feed I/Q data to MAP65 so it would appear to be something specific to your machine.


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