locked Re: WSJT-X Decoded station spots not spread out along frequency graph #decode

Dave Garber

Looks like a filter or slope tune is set to very narrow......on the radio

Dave Garber

On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 12:53 PM reg williams <regwilliamsfod@...> wrote:
I have a TS870 with WSJT-X with no problems operating for over 2 years. Well working the recent dxpeditions over the last few days i have on occasion used fox /hound mode.This has always been returned to normal mode operating when a station has been worked.
Today I switched on the radio to continue working stations and noticed the stations being received and decoded were very close together on the frequency graph ranging from approx 0Khz -1500Khz only. I have checked that all the settings normally used are correct. with the software and radio. I only use the radio for operating with WSJT-X only and not adjusted any of the controls since setting up 2 years ago. It would only  have been done  inadvertently. I think the problem is related to the radio settings as I have used MSHV to see if the same problem exists on that software, and it does.
I have been advised that my frequency could be off a bit. I think this is okay because the frequencies i am using are set in WSJT-X so all I need to do is click on the chosen frequency which then tunes the radio to that frequency where I am able to decode the stations with no problem..
Filter Bandwidth is set to off which is the default setting for digital operation.
Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated. Just had to happen for my last day to work the dxepeditions.
Many thanks.

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