Re: Frequency display RED showing 00000 at TX #Yaesu

Dave Garber

are you using radio in split mode, or wsjt in 'fake it' mode.   is your radio in vfo mode ( some have to be) or memory mode

Dave Garber

On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 2:02 PM Nico Ebbendorf <n.ebbendorf@...> wrote:

Trying to set up WSJT-X in combination with Omni-Rig. RX works as expected and the FT-897 is responding correctly. But at TX, the freq. display turns red and showing 0,0000. It is just the diplay because I can still make QSO's and the FT-897 stays at the same frequenty as for RX. I did not make any changes in the Frequency list.
I don't have this issue when setting up the radio without Omni-Rig.

Any suggestions?

73, Nico PA3ADU

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