locked Re: Mode reporting #modes

Dave Garber

I see this on several clusters.  I think it infers cw by the bandplan, not the mode.  an example would be the fox/hound at 7056, right in the CW portion.  it is just like when the EU were transmitting below 7.100   .    assumed cw, when it was either rtty or SSb

as long as I know the regular frequencies, i will qsy in wsjt, and not from the cluster, so my radio is in the correct mode

Even some logging programs do not recognize, the if a manual entry is on 14.074, mine think its cw (on first log entry)
Dave Garber

On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 2:02 PM Neil Foster <archernf@...> wrote:
I have noticed that some stations are reported as CW in my ve7cc cluster, when clearly they are in a Digital mode by the frequency displayed. I wonder why that is?    Neil   N4FN

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