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Hello Bill Somerville:

Sunday, October 10, 2021, 11:59:38 AM, you chiseled out:

 On 10/10/2021 16:56, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
Hello WSJT-X List
So, these past few days, 12m has been SUPER into EU, Balkans,Adriatic, Southern Med.
Many many times, the other chap hasn't been able to decode my RR73.
So She/He keeps sending R-11, for example. Over and over.
I have to try and try to reclaim TX4.
Occasionally I see I didn't and I am sending CQ again.
So I wonder how many Not-Worked-DXCC entities I have missed these last few days because they, understandably, move on to others that they are decoding.
It "should" be understood that,  both this side of the Atlantic and the other, my signal outgoing is from time to time stepped on ??
If so, the program should KEEP my "TX##" just where I want it, not keep moving it to CQ ...which I sure as heck don't want to do ??
Yeh, i have "Disable Tx after 73" DISABLED.
WSJTx v2.5.0
if your QSO partners are regularly not copying your RR73 messages then you shouldn't be sending RR73 in the first place
Hello Bill.
Thanks for taking the time.

Welllll ...I have no a'priori knowledge that he isn't going to decode the RR73.
O in the haste of battle, namely an open band where seemingly all the DX lads over there arer using the abbreviated format, I opt for the same.

It'sa crapshoot, as we say in colonies.

Sometimes this Omnirig, they followed right on thru to their final 73 .
Many other times they kept repeating R-03, for example.

So, with respect to that scenario, are you then suggesting it's tactically better for me to, IMMEDIATE the decode of their repeated TX3, that revert IMMEDIATELY to RRR; send it, and keep that format thereafter??

Then, in addition, are we assuming that the bands are known to be jammed up with traffic, so I should dispense thereafter with the abbreviated RR73 format?? Makes good sense in retrospect now.'Cuz that has happened so very much to me in the last few days on 12, with my pip-squeak transmitted power.

Thanks for the timely tip.

. Double-click the Tx 4 message to switch it to the RRR format message and the QSOs will proceed as you wish.

Best regards,


Bob KD7YZ in NE Kentucky

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