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chas cartmel

I think you have missed the point here, the software does it’s own thing regardless, no interference needed.
The issue is that some stations who are not using the ‘Hold Frequency’ feature call the CQ station on their frequency, complete the QSO, and then proceed to call CQ themselves on that frequency instead of moving off.

There is nothing wrong with responding to a CQ station on their frequency so long as you remember to QSY when the QSO is over. If ‘Hold Frequency’ is set you don’t need to.

On phone you wouldn’t start calling CQ on the frequency already held by a station when your QSO is over.

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I set my WSJT-X software for FAKE IT or SPLIT to control the K3S radio.  It really makes no difference in my case.   When I answer a CQ, I double click on the calling station and let the software do the rest.    When I call CQ, I choose what I see as a clear frequency on my waterfall and call.    When a station calls me, maybe on my frequency or a different frequency, again I let the software do the rest.    When I choose to use Hold TX Freq that is done when the band is crowded and I find a clear frequency on my receiving end.    

Frankly, I don't see that any of these methods is a massive benefit or a hindrance.   It is just an enjoyable hobby and working stations on FT-8 or FT-4 is more like shooting birds in a cage.  So easy. 

Bob, K4TAX

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