locked Re: Working split

Bob McGraw - K4TAX <rmcgraw@...>

I set my WSJT-X software for FAKE IT or SPLIT to control the K3S radio.  It really makes no difference in my case.   When I answer a CQ, I double click on the calling station and let the software do the rest.    When I call CQ, I choose what I see as a clear frequency on my waterfall and call.    When a station calls me, maybe on my frequency or a different frequency, again I let the software do the rest.    When I choose to use Hold TX Freq that is done when the band is crowded and I find a clear frequency on my receiving end.    

Frankly, I don't see that any of these methods is a massive benefit or a hindrance.   It is just an enjoyable hobby and working stations on FT-8 or FT-4 is more like shooting birds in a cage.  So easy. 

Bob, K4TAX

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