locked Re: re-establishing wsjtx log #WSJTX_config

Reino Talarmo



Where precisely should they go? 
Does this look better? I seem to remember that they should be under SAVE

It's been an interesting and LONG process to get my shack back in order after the OS update...amazing.
I still have glitches...RUMlogng no longer populates the qso with name, address, etc.  I can't get RUMlogng to change from using hamqth to qrz.com...but it won't pull down data from either one.  On WSJT-X, worked-before still doesn't work.
Thanks again, OM
John AB8O

Hi John,

As Bill told they should not be in the save directory, but in the same directory where the save directory is, see User Guide ‘15.1. File locations’ that states Log directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%\WSJT-X\

An easy way to go there is via menu File – Open log directory

73, Reino OH3mA



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