locked Re: WSJT-X feature request : filter field #EnhancementReqest

Reino Talarmo

Hi Roger,

Your proposal works, but there are three issues to make it less useful for the proposed feature:

-        decoding attempt is first tried on the green goalpost, but if the first decoding round fails on that station, then the message will be in an undefined position

-        DX station may move to another frequency at any time

-        all messages from that station will be presented, not only CQ and perhaps RR73 or 73.

Some external program would be nice, but e.g. JTAlert works only in Windows.

By the way, this was only an observation. I am not supporting this kind of addition into the wsjt-x program itself.

73, Reino OH3mA


Hi Jeff,

You may not have noticed this but the station on the top of the decode list is the station in the green RX maker on the waterfall display.

So if Im understanding your question this would do what you want.

Simply place the green RX maker over where the DX is and you can simply click on the station to do this.

Then all the communications from that station will be the first listing each period.

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