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Roger Corbett <roger.corbett@...>

Hi Jeff,
You may not have noticed this but the station on the top of the decode list is the station in the green RX maker on the waterfall display.
So if Im understanding your question this would do what you want.
Simply place the green RX maker over where the DX is and you can simply click on the station to do this.
Then all the communications from that station will be the first listing each period.

Have a look at the “Start new periods decodes at top” and “Blank line between decoding periods” check boxes as these will make it easier to see with large decode lists.


Roger ZL3RC

On Oct 8, 2021, at 3:36 PM, Jeff | VA2SS via groups.io <jeff@...> wrote:

Hi, I am new to the group. 

I would like to share with the group a feature request.

I am looking for a function, that would be a text filed, to «filter» for a specific callsign, that may be partial or complete callsign for both the receiving or transmitting stations. I joined this group especially to ask for this feature, because I regulary hunt POTA activators calling using FT8. So my goal when doing FT8 or any mode at that time it is to contact THIS station. And because many hams are trying at the same time... things become very difficult to follow... I cannot only rely only by waiting when the station will eventually call CQ. I need to follow the entire conversation and to know when the hunted station is listening or transmitting.

So by having a «filter» option, I would be able to follow only this specific communication thread. Like I said.... filter could be for partial or complete callsign, does not matter.

But it will indeed make my life more easier, especially when the band is really crowed and every cycle contains to much transmission to fit inside a single window... HiHiiiiii!!! 😝😜🎉 . 

I am running a Mac M1 Mabook Air, and I do not want to add other software into the equation. IMHO, A filter option would be easy to implement.

Thanks for reading my message.

73 de Jeff | VA2SS

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