locked Re: sound input error #windows11 #AudioIssues #Icom

Bill Somerville

On 08/10/2021 22:48, Jeff Elkins wrote:
I'm unable to run wsjt-x on a new PC due to error in sound input messages.  Started with Windows 10, continued with Windows 11.
I've tried disabling the RealTek audio devices, but that didn't help.  This is driving me nuts!
Rig: 7300
Connection: USB PC->7300
Microphone: USB Audio Codec
Speaker: USB Audio Codec
COM3: Silicon Labs CP210X USB to UART Bridge
Jeff Elkins
Hi Jeff,

I doubt the AUDIODG.EXE crash in the event log is related to the WSJT-X error message. Have you allowed WSJT-X access to microphone devices in the system Camera and Microphone Privacy options?


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