Re: starting over with a Mac mini pre M1 #macOS

John Wiener

Hi Bill
Thanks again for the help.
I am using Data/Pkt and I have jumped that on to the next one and it's a big one.
I seem to have lost WSJT log.  I believe it is listed as wsjt_log.adi
So, now when on FT8, EVERYONE is a new QSO.  Not viable for this mode.
I checked around and I found a way to download my LOTW log and  
I tried to use it to replace my WSJT log so I can tell new QSOs in FT8, etc.
so I migrated the ADI file from LOTW to the SAVE folder found under WSJT Open Log Directory
and renamed it wsjt_log.adi. (Its size is 7.9MB.)
I thought this might work but is listed as a TextEdit instead of a Log File. 
Am I getting warm? 

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