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Lots of RFI issues on the forum, one solution never mentioned is loose PL259 connector. 

I had that happen to me, if only finger tight I find they tend to loosen themselves up over time.

I use a small channel-lock type wrench to snug them up a tad. Never a problem again. 

Thanks Dan KC2STA

On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 8:41 AM Sam Birnbaum via groups.io <w2jdb=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
Well Jim, that lousy choke has worked wonders on multiple 
occasions and.  Won't argue too much about the ferrites, 
sometimes just a simple snap on worked, sometimes
you need multiple ferrites with multiple loops through each one.

I did forget to mention putting ferrites on speaker leads  
that go to the PC as well as on the power lines for the 
speakers. and monitor(s)

I always try the simple/easy stuff first before expending 
any more efforts.

To each their own. 



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On 10/5/2021 6:04 PM, John wrote:

> This is called a counterpoise.

While a counterpoise is an important part of most end-fed antennas, it
is NOT a substitute for proper grounding and bonding. It is something
that can be done IN ADDITION TO proper grounding bonding.

On 10/5/2021 7:09 PM, Sam Birnbaum via groups.io wrote:

> You might also want to connect (if possible) the chassis of the PC, ==
> FT817 and Amp to a single buss bar.

This is part of proper grounding and bonding, and it's the only part of
Sam's advice with which I agree. A coil of coax is a lousy choke, and
clamp-on ferrites for HF must be Fair-Rite #31, with multiple turns
wound through them to do much useful.

73, Jim K9YC

Dan Ziolkowski KC2STA
SKCC #4290T
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