Locked Re: WSJTX 2.5.0 MacOSX Issues: Memory Issue and Transmit Issue #macOS

Ted Asmus


Thank you. Exactly the hint I needed and WSJT-X is running flawlessly. Now to figure out the Icom-7300 issue.



On Oct 5, 2021, at 1:49 PM, Bill Somerville <g4wjs@...> wrote:

On 05/10/2021 18:26, Ted Asmus wrote:
I installed WSJTX 2.5.0 on my Mac running High Sierra 10.13.6 and followed the ReadMe.txt file to install the com.wsjtx.syscti.plist file. It worked perfectly EXCEPT I do not seem to be able to transmit through my Icom-7300.

Just for fun, I downloaded jtdx version 2.2 for my Mac and followed its ReadMe.txt file that changes the memory size down from a shmmax of 52428800 that occurred with the WSJTX 2.5.0 instructions to a shmmax of 14680064. jtdx ran and I received a lot of FT8 CQs. But when I double clicked on a CQ, jtdx would crash.

So, I went back to the downloaded WSJTX 2.5.0 dmg file that previously ran, reread the ReadMe.txt and followed the instructions to change the shmmax back to 52428800. The shmmax does not change from 14680064. Yes, I rebooted every time. Not just a restart, but a complete shut-down and reboot. Of course, I get the dreaded memory error when I try to run WSJTX.

I would appreciate any help in getting (1) WSJTX 2.5.0 back running again and (2) getting some hints on how to get my Icom-7300 transmitting from WSJTX.

By the way, I think this software is amazing!

Thanks for any advice you can provide,

Ted Asmus
Hi Ted,

WSJT-X will not start on macOS unless the shared memory parameters are set correctly, so that is nothing to do with your Tx issue. If you are seeing the old lower value of the shared memory size then delete the /etc/sysctl.conf used by the prior method. Note there is a typo in your plist file name above, it is com.wsjtx.sysctl.plist .


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