locked Re: Rig forced to VFO A by WSJT-X #Windows 10 #Cat_RigControl #Windows10 #WSJTX_config

Bob McGraw - K4TAX <rmcgraw@...>

So what is so important about VFO B?   Doesn't VFO A have the same capability?   If so, then that which is so important on VFO A can be done on VFO B.   Just let the software do its job and learn to use it as designed.  

I think hams spend most of their time dreaming up ways to make things complex.  It is a frickin' hobby folks and no more complex than pushing a dang button.   Of course, I know many hams have difficulty in doing just that and thus expect the software developers to do it for them.   Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Bob, K4TAX

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