Locked Re: WSJT-X and 630 meters, a match made in heaven #FST4 #FST4W

Mark ~ AE2EA <mark.erdle@...>

The SAC PC-1000 autocoupler is the real prize in my 630 meter station. My transmitter is a SAC SS-250C with only 25 watts output and the EIRP is estimated somewhere between 20 dbm and 26 dbm, so a more powerful amplifier is in my future, along with some antenna improvements. Still, I've made 3500 km JT9 contacts when conditions are good.

I've played around with the -900 and -1800 modes, but my FTDX-3000 has too much frequency drift over those time periods. I've been thinking of programming my GPSDO locked arbitrary waveform generator as a FST4W exciter. If I do I might give 2200 meters a shot.

I enjoyed reading your QRZ page and have downloaded your amplifier info for inspiration. Thanks.

73, Mark ~ AE2EA

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