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Bill Somerville

Hi Bill,

excessively optimistic signal reports are often due to restricted receiver bandwidth. The FT8 decoder relies on a reasonably flat receiver bandwidth across the displayed waterfall, and at least 2500 Hz wide. Narrower input data bandwidth will cause underestimation of the noise level.


On 02/10/2021 19:24, Bill, WB6JJJ wrote:
I don’t feel so bad…. I have been giving +10 to +20 but receiving -15 to -20 dB.

On Oct 2, 2021, at 9:09 AM, Joe Dz <joedzekevich@...> wrote:

I noticed a similar thing on the evening of 10/02 on 10m FT8.  There was a good opening from W1 land to LU and PY land, and I was getting -15 to +05 and I was giving out +20 and most around +10.  Interesting.

Joe, K1YOW


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Same here, v2.5.0 downloaded and installed perfectly. One thing I do notice is that there seem to be a much wider range of received signal strengths, with quite a few lower than they might have been with previous releases. Maybe WSJT-X, maybe recent Windows updates altering the CODEC settings. No problems operating, just rather disconcerting when I sent -01 to an N4 earlier and got +30 back! 

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