locked Re: FT-1000MP frequency shift on transmit with FT-1000MP with SignaLink USB? #Yaesu #FT8

William Smith

Could this be an effect of RFI? Your radio moves to transmit in the middle of the passband, and fails to move back because of RFI corrupting that command? You say nothing else has changed, but corrosion and age could have had an effect on your antenna system...

73, Willie N1JBJ

On Oct 2, 2021, at 12:14 PM, mike s <mike.km2b@...> wrote:


Thank you. Thank you for the clarification of the frequency shift.

Yes, I have been using "fake it" to split the transceiver transmit frequency from the receive frequency for about two years with zero problems.

Two days ago, however, both the receive frequency and the transmit frequency began to move. By the third transmission in a sequence during a QSO, I can no longer hear any of the FT8 signals in the passband anymore and I have lost the contact I was making......without fail.

On the video I posted you can see the receive frequency stepping away from its first setting which is where I started after setting the frequency for 80m using wsjt-x.

Something disabling and different is happening and any other thoughts you might have would be great. I completely understand fake it moves the transmit frequency around to manage where in the passband transmit occurs.

But, the receive frequency, my perception, never changed before. It stayed on the frequency set by wsjt-x.

Thank you again.

Mike - KM2B

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