locked Re: FT-1000MP frequency shift on transmit with FT-1000MP with SignaLink USB? #Yaesu #FT8

Bill Somerville

On 02/10/2021 11:51, mike s wrote:

I am using an FT-1000MP with wsjt-x (multiple versions) with a SignaLink USB audio interface.

You can find my Radio Setup Screen and Audio Setup Screen  and a video of the behavior described below on transmit here:
https://photos.app.goo.gl/wpahFAtUDy6p6gAf7 <https://photos.app.goo.gl/wpahFAtUDy6p6gAf7>

I have successfully utlized wsjt-x for FT-8 with the FT-1000MP almost from the initial introduction of that mode.   Years now.
I correctly set up my FT-1000MP based on the SignaLink instructions for USER mode here:
http://www.tigertronics.com/ft1000mp.htm <http://www.tigertronics.com/ft1000mp.htm>

I am using the USER mode which activates PKT + LSB on the front panel but with the above instructions I end up on USB.   This has worked for all digital modes for years.

I correctly setup SignaLink USB  for Windows 7 based on instructions here:
http://www.tigertronics.com/windows7_8_10_SLUSB.htm <http://www.tigertronics.com/windows7_8_10_SLUSB.htm>

This setup worked beautifully until a two days ago when suddenly, I noticed that, upon transmit from wsjt-x the frequency was shifting down by -0.5 MHz with many, but, not all transmissions initiated from wsjt-x.

After two transmissions, the contact lost my signal due to frequency shift (that was my first heads up).

The frequency shift does not occur outside of wsjt-x transmit.

Now, two days later, I have migrated to the latest version of wsjt-x (previously was using
2.3.1 from May, 2021 now using 2.5, gone through all my menu settings and checked and rechecked setup settings in wsjt-x to no avail.

Oddly, when I first noticed the the shift it was negative.  Today it is positive.  Always it is 0.5 MHz in step size.

I have carefully gone through the FT-1000MP menu system for hours and all looks OK to me.

The shift does NOT occur outside of wsjt-x when I transmit outside of User Mode.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would be interested to hear them.  I am, now, two days on, at a loss.

Mike - KM2B

the shift you are seeing is 500 Hz, not 500 kHz as you incorrectly state.

WSJT-X is behaving correctly, there is nothing wrong! You have selected ""Settings->Radio->Split Operating->Fake It", you chose to do that, and it is the best setting for your rig. That causes the software to adjust your rig's VFO dial frequency and Tx audio tones to always keep the tones in the 1500 Hz to 1999 Hz range, which is optimal for use with an SSB transmitter.


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