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Ralf Schlatterbeck

On Fri, Oct 01, 2021 at 01:58:57PM +0100, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 01/10/2021 12:02, Ralf Schlatterbeck wrote:
On Fri, Oct 01, 2021 at 11:06:35AM +0100, Bill Somerville wrote:
Hi Ralph,

there is nothing stopping you from entering a message like the following
into the Tx5 field:

<G4WJS> <DL/OE3RSU> 590000 JN75mm

It will be transmitted, and if the receiving station has previously copied
both callsigns un-hashed, then it will be received exactly as entered.
I've experimented a little with this:
- If I do this with my recent QSO partner in the first hash, wsjtx will
pop up a warning (at the QSO-partner) that EU VHF mode should be turned on.
I don't want to irritate QSO partners with this :-)
[Worse: These warnings pile up if the message repeats having to
confirm each one in series, maybe this should be changed to pop up the
warning only once? But this is a minor issue since directly-addressed
contest messages should be rare. Looks like a denial-of-service attack
on some of the bot operators could be mounted that way :-) A
config-option to turn off these popups would be nice.]
- If I put my own callsign in both hashes the QSO partner is not

But: In both cases if I'm replacing my 73 message with this special
message I'm never prompted for logging the QSO. (Even if I put 590073 as
the combined report/sequence number :-)

So I guess this *can* be used by a mobile operator for sending their
locator (and their callsign in *both* hashes) from time to time but
cannot be used to modify the usual QSO sequence.

Or can we come up with a modification (a special value in one of the
fields) of the EU VHF message that does not pop up a warning at the
receiver? (And maybe even not display the report)

BTW: I was testing this with two computers w/ microphone and speakers.
Is there a better way to test the auto-sequencing code without resorting
to a real communication setup (and wait times for transmissions)?

73 de Ralf OE3RSU
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Open Source Consulting www: www.runtux.com
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