Locked WSJT-X and 630 meters, a match made in heaven #FST4 #FST4W

Mark ~ AE2EA <mark.erdle@...>

When I decided to operate on the newly opened 630 meter band, the lack of commercial amateur radio equipment for the bands below 160 meters forced me to get creative So here's the approach that I took to get on 630 meters by utilizing a repurposed non directional beacon, a modified HP downconverter, and a reconfigured 80 meter dipole antenna.
I originally used JT9 and WSPR but have migrated to FST4 and FST4W. On 630 meters every db of S/N improvement helps and I really appreciate the inclusion of the MF and LF modes. It's astounding what the roughly 350 milliwatts EIRP that my antenna radiates can do. Claude Shannon would be proud of what the WSJT-X developers have done.

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/zGWTdNh75CE

Mark ~ AE2EA

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