locked Re: QSO sequence #QSO_practices


On 01/10/2021 13:52, Bill Somerville wrote:
you are confusing the message protocols and the order of messages exchanged in QSOs, they are very different things. No changes were needed to the protocols to enable the application to automatically select the Tx2 message when replying to a CQ call, nor to select an RR73 grid square message when replying to an R+report message or equivalent.
Why do you take the view that a reply to a CQ call without a grid square should be ignored by the software? A lot of work was put into the current 77-bit payload protocols to support non-standard calls, why do you think that is of no value to you? I should point out that often the most desirable QSO partners may have non-standard calls.
Your proposal is not fair, in fact it is grossly unfair to those users who have to use non-standard callsigns!
If operators reply to your CQ calls with no grid (enforced or otherwise), then please understand that is their choice. You can choose to ignore them and work a different station, but the software itself is not going to support automation of such censorship.
I agree it is unfair to ignore non-standard calls.

On the other hand I consider it quite acceptable for standard calls.


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