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Tom Melvin

Thanks for comments Bill

I will stick with the comments of 6m and up should send grid.

The other issue not seen is contests - the phrase ‘ all data must be transmitted on air’ - looking up QRZ does not really count :-)  QRZ is often wrong - I adjudicate some VHF FT8 contests and the number of points lost due to missing/wrong locators is rather high.

And; you should not substantially alter the contest log prior to submission - editing a pile of locators hmmm

Anyhow, there are circumstances Special Event calls, JA’s and those that want to save a period - so it’s up to individuals - personally I don’t like it. However there is damm all I can do about it, developers are not going to alter software at this stage of the game.

It just need to make education high on the list pointing out, for some people receiving no grid can be a PITA.

Have fun on the bands and enjoy


On 30 Sep 2021, at 20:12, Bob Abernethy <winston.rothschild@...> wrote:

My experience has been DX stations on the receiving end of a pile up prefer it.


On Thu, Sep 30, 2021, 2:50 AM chas cartmel <chas@...> wrote:
Not sure if this is a new trend but lately I am having CQs replied to with a report as the first data sent rather than a locator.
Not a big deal here as I do not collect squares, but still ‘off process’. It does speed things up though J



73 Charlie
Stay safe out there


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