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Paul Turner

And some rare stations ask on their QRZ page for callers to NOT include their grid so they can work as many as possible. Openings on the VHF bands can be fleeting. Plenty of time when the band is closed to find out grid squares if required.

73, Paul G4IJE.

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On 9/30/2021 9:31 AM, Jeff Townsend wrote:
And if the person is operating from somewhere other than home the grid
becomes a lot more important.
When 6M opens to JA, virtually all JA stations call with signal report, so that
more QSOs can be made during the opening. I learn their grid from LOTW. At
first, many omitted their grid from LOTW, but after a few seasons, nearly all
include it.

There's been a Russian operating /MM in the Pacific CQing with no grid.
I've worked him several times in pursuit of rare CQ Fields, and his grid is in
LOTW a few days later.

73, Jim K9YC

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