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Bill Somerville


if you take that view then you will miss out on any QSOs with stations who are using non-standard callsigns. In general grid squares are only exchanged for aerial pointing assistance or if required as part of a contest exchange. Unless required by the exchange format the information can normally be readily obtained post QSO if you need it, and for awards, in most cases, it would need to be confirmed on a QSL anyway.


On 30/09/2021 14:26, Tom Melvin wrote:

Personally hate the idea - mind you I do collect squares - the supplied ‘procedure’ works well and for the sake of a period is it worth it.


On 30 Sep 2021, at 10:46, chas cartmel <chas@...> wrote:

Not sure if this is a new trend but lately I am having CQs replied to with a report as the first data sent rather than a locator.
Not a big deal here as I do not collect squares, but still ‘off process’. It does speed things up though J



73 Charlie

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