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chas cartmel

Added to that is the issue that some software or peripherals  requires runtimes or drivers which are installed with Windows 10 but need to be sourced and installed separately for earlier editions of the OS, and this can cause other issues as well as being more complicated than the Windows 10 upgrade itself. There is no guarantee than some newer products will even work with windows 7, especially as windows 11 is imminent.

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Hi Tom, you're right, no flame.


I don't understand why people that have W7 on their PC do not upgrade. W10 is less demanding, so if the PC is not very very old (born with XP, I mean), it will run better, in our experience.

Despite Microsoft offering (with payment) an EOS, our privacy & security supervisor wanted us to move to W10. Good experience, however. Free of charge.







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Hi Pietro


Don’t want to start an flame but …


For Windows 7 Home and general users you are correct in saying EOS was Jan 2020 BUT FYI if you have the Extended Security Updates (ESU) package it can be up to another three years - support to Jan 10th 2023



Downside it does cost but many organisation have a Volume Licences  for internal/staff  use so it does depend on your company and or resources.  This is Win 7 Pro / Enterprise.


While this applies just to security fixes - as  99% of Windows 7 programs are stable and if there was going to be an issue it would have been resolved. 


You should really quantify any EOS comment made, they don’t apply across the board. Majority of users yes but not all.


Have a good day 


Regards and 73





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Your mind. Windows 7 support ended on 2020, January.
I know that a lot of people has W7 running (my company ha a couple, too) bu support is ended and I bet that prog does not try setup on w7.

Pietro I2OIM

PS: for the second, wait for reply... a lot of time I had that problem with SW that does not install in program (x86) directory.


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