locked Re: WSJT X not keying on 1st transmission #WSJTX_config #macOS #Icom



I had been running WSJT for about 6 months with a previous Mac Mini using Vox without a radio selected since RUMLog was working so well hosting everything...on occasion I had to restart WSJT to get it to key.....but I cannot remember if it cut out the first line in Tx since I never made a lot of Q's.......I switched out the Mini to a new mini for a number of reasons. I had a lot of trouble setting up everything and decided to "reread the WSJT-X manual" and found that DX Commander was to be utilized using  as a radio would work for CAT control......now that works well except as noted above....I then decided to switch to no radio and use Vox.....in both cases the issue of not transmitting the first line still persits. 

I am thinking there is some radio setting causing something not to key the PTT since when I hit the manual switch on the radio, it transmits fine and PTT releases Tx to Rx.....maybe a deeper dive into the 7610 Manual might be in order.....what is strange is the only the first line of TX on either a CQ or calling a station.....subsequent Tx's are fine.....

Thanks for any input


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