locked Re: Singalink USB w FT-890 - PTT Hang #FT8 #Yaesu

Bill Somerville


you can't be "losing control of the app", that makes no sense. The SignaLink USB handles PTT, all you need do is ensure the Tx audio level  is high enough to trigger the SignaLink USB internal VOX circuit.


On 26/09/2021 22:23, John Vlahos via groups.io wrote:

Bill – thanks I tried that and it appears to send the reply packet to a CQ, then fires the PTT again switch in a few short bursts and then I lose control of the app until reset the Signalink…


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On 26/09/2021 18:48, John Vlahos via groups.io wrote:

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

Everything was working just fine on FT8 with the Yaesu FT-890, Signalink USB and HRD.

Played around with DM780 a bit and now WSJT-X hangs on PTT and I'm forced to either power cycle the Signalink or the radio to get control back. I undid all the settings in DM780 with no luck...

WSJT-X Settings:
Rig is set to HRD - PTT CAT - Front mic
Audio is set to USB Audio Codec - both in and out
Computer is running Win10 latest build

Hi John,

if you are using a SignaLink USB interface then you should be using "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->VOX".


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