locked Re: Singalink USB w FT-890 - PTT Hang #FT8 #Yaesu

John Vlahos

Bill – thanks I tried that and it appears to send the reply packet to a CQ, then fires the PTT again switch in a few short bursts and then I lose control of the app until reset the Signalink…


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On 26/09/2021 18:48, John Vlahos via groups.io wrote:

Any help would be greatly appreciated:

Everything was working just fine on FT8 with the Yaesu FT-890, Signalink USB and HRD.

Played around with DM780 a bit and now WSJT-X hangs on PTT and I'm forced to either power cycle the Signalink or the radio to get control back. I undid all the settings in DM780 with no luck...

WSJT-X Settings:
Rig is set to HRD - PTT CAT - Front mic
Audio is set to USB Audio Codec - both in and out
Computer is running Win10 latest build

Hi John,

if you are using a SignaLink USB interface then you should be using "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->VOX".


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