locked Re: OSX Big Sur Compile from source #macOS

Bill Somerville

On 26/09/2021 18:45, mark.gregory@... wrote:
When using the latest Big Sur install with xCode 13 the command 
sudo port install autoconf automake \
   libtool pkgconfig texinfo gcc5 asciidoc \
   fftw-3-single +gcc5 libusb-devel
fails when trying to install libgcc7 
it looks like this is an old version of gcc that may have an issue on Big Sur now, am I able to use gcc10 to build
I know that other developers are building for the Apple M1 processor what tool chains are you using please.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mark,

ah OK, yes I forgot about that. You can't build libgcc7, which is a dependency for virtually all of the gcc version builds, on Big Sur. That means that it is not possible to build WSJT-X on Big Sur until we get the refactoring done that works around the issues with newer gfortran versions.

Official WSJT-X builds for macOS are built on Mojave.


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