locked Re: Unsuccessful update #TechnicalHelpQuestion #Windows07

Phil Davidson

Issue more likely to be the Windows audio settings. W7 and 10 often mix up the sudio streams after updates.
Check your audio settings first

On Sun, 26 Sep 2021, 16:12 pete.thomas.fi, <pete.thomas.fi@...> wrote:
I posted an enquiry about getting back onto WSJT-x after mire than a year qrt. I was told no need to uninstall or anything else...just install newest version.

Well, my working version is v2.2.0 6a6ce4.
When I installed the latest general release version I get no decodes band activity window remains empi and the 0-85 dB scale (bottom left) is empty. I have ft8 mode chosen and the rig settings are the same.

Not being able to solve the problem I chose a restore point on my Windows 7 pro back to how it was on 20.09.2021 ( most recent restore piint(.

Can anyone help please?
Pete T

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