locked Re: WSJT X not keying on 1st transmission #macOS #Icom #WSJTX_config

Dave Garber

it sounds as if the ptt method is not set correctly, and may be running as vox?"?"    when you press the manual send button, you are allowing the audio to pass through.  I would recheck the ptt method.   separate port or via cat?"??

Dave Garber

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 7:42 AM K3GT <grt@...> wrote:
Rather new to WSJT. Running a Mac M1 Mini and an Icom 7610.

When I call a station and it seems as if I'm in that 2 second window, the TX indicator on WSJT indicates a transmission.....but in fact it does not key the transmitter......however, if I hit the Manual TX button on the radio it will go into send mode and send the proper info and automatically release the PTT....it then resumes the auto sequencing......Im not understanding why this is the case......then the last sequence of " K3GT 73" will not TX unless I hit the manual button on the radio.

When I call CQ, the sequencing is fine BTW.

Is it just the way the program works?



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