locked Multiple instances of WSJT-X on Windows machine. #WSJTX_config #Windows07

Peter E

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run multiple instances of WSJT-X to decode very weak signals on 137Khz. I have been running 2 instances (one WSPR and one FST4W-30) on a Windows 7 laptop OK, but when I add a third instance
with FST4W-2, the decodes stop working and the decode light stays on permanently. I have then tried the 3 instances on a Thinkpad, running Win10, and it works for a while but then only decodes intermittently. I am using it to receive only.

I am running v2.4.0. Does anyone have any tips on how to get multiple instances running reliably, or how to reduce processor load when running multiple instances?

Peter - VK2AN

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