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Simples, you are transmitting an audio tome on an SSB transmitter, the
bandwidth of the SSB transmitter is roughly 300Hz to 3Khz, anything outside
that will not be transmitted or severely attenuated. Your receiver has an
audio response to fit with the SSB TX response.. OK ?

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Hi -

I have been using FT8 for 4 months on 40 & 20 meters and notice that signals
bunch between 1 kHz and 2 to 2.5 kHz. Can someone explain to me (or point me
at some good write-ups) as to why this happens? Is there some magic going on
that I am missing, or is it just herd instinct? I generally try to use
800-950 Hz, and get reasonable results with a QRP rig and compromise antenna.
Thanks in advance, 73.


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