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Hi Tom,

My first Hamradio PC runs also only Win XP prof Sp3.
And I have WSJT-x 2.1.0 running perfect.
For me no need to have a later version !
I use WSJT-x only for KW.

My second Hamradio PC is a raspberry with buster OS.
Here I run the latest WSJT-X 2.5.0.
This works also OK, in my case only for SAT and MS.

Hope I could give you a helping hand, 73, Karl OE3JAG

Am 23.09.2021 um 00:11 schrieb Tom Ryan via groups.io:

I'm a new user and I need help!  I have an FT-897 that is my dedicated digital station.  It is running on an older Dell Optiplex desktop.  The OS is XP Prefessional with service pack 3.  It is not hooked up to my wireless home network due to security issues with the XP OS.  I work various digital modes on it through a SignaLink USB.  I want to install WSJT-X on this system.  I tried downloading it onto a flash drive with my Windows 10 machine but all of the needed components won't load onto the flash drive.  any suggestions??

73 Tom  KD6TR

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