locked TS-590SG control #Cat_RigControl #Kenwood


I have the Kenwood virtual com port , SDRuno, OmniRig, and ARCP-590G loaded. I can get two to work at the same time. I can have SDRuno running on one monitor and have fldigi controlling the rig on the other. If SDRuno is controlling the rig, fldigi or WSJT-X wont.  I am assuming that the virtual com port will only permit two things to share the port at a time.

When running WSJT-X, sometimes when I click on the dropdown to change frequencies I get an orange display where the frequency normally is displayed (see picture)

at this point, sometimes clicking on the frequency dropdown will open it up again, but it usually will not permit changing the frequency on the rig.
Before this it functioned OK, i.e. can activate the xmtr with the TUNE, and adjust power with the slider.      Anyone else seen this?  Fix?

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