locked Re: Using WSJT-X with SDRs #SDR


Did you try "SparkSDR"? Natively it connects to WSJT-X providing this program is located on its  "normal" location.
SparkSDR is capable to run several receivers and different modes. ( https://www.sparksdr.com/  )

Runs on Windows 7+, Linux x64, linux arm(rpi) and Mac.


Run multiple radios at a time each with as many receivers as they support.

Built in digi modes (PSK31, WSPR, JT9, JT65, FT8, FT4, FST4, FST4W) no need for virtual audio or serial cables.

Virtual receivers that allow many modes to be monitored at once. This shares the bandwidth of as many slice receivers as the radio has between multiple modes.

ssb compression using the controlled envelope ssb clipping algorithm.

low latency audio and dsp chain.

Neural network based noise reduction.

Touch friendly UI.

Undersampling reception and transmission, depending on the filters in front of the radio you can tune to above the Nyquist frequency and odd/even spectrum folding is transparently corrected.

Radio frequency correction using network time protocol.

MIDI interface to control surfaces and low latency cw keyers.

Transmission is currently restricted to only work with the hermes lite, receive should work for other openHPSDR compatible radios but some features such as filter switching may not work.


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