Re: Possible defect with IC-7300 and WSJTx #Cat_RigControl

Martin G0HDB

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 03:49 PM, Michael Black wrote:
PKTUSB is the hamlib name for any data mode on all the rigs.
Thanks for the clarification, Mike.

A further thought re: Tim's original posting - assuming the 7300 has a CI-V 'Remote' port, is anything connected to and using that?  If there is then it's possible that there are collisions between the two streams of CAT data, one arriving via the USB port and one via the Remote port, unless the menu option 'Unlink from Remote' is selected.  Presumably such collisions could cause the Hamlib 'Command rejected by the rig' errors that were documented in Tim's posting.

Martin G0HDB

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