Re: Possible defect with IC-7300 and WSJTx #Cat_RigControl

Martin G0HDB

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 12:41 PM, Tim wrote:
Hi all,

I'm getting random disconnects with the obligatory pop-up window when
WSJT looses contact with the radio.

Hi Tim, I have no knowledge or experience whatsoever of the inner workings of Hamlib (or WSJT-X!) but having looked at the error messages you included in your posting it struck me as slightly odd that the mode, eg. modeMainA, is shown as PKTUSB - I might have expected the mode to be shown as, for example, USB-D1 or something like that.

What have you selected for the radio mode setting in WSJT-X - is it Data/Pkt or just plain USB?  If you've selected the Data/Pkt mode option then it might be worth trying the USB option to see if that makes any difference.

Martin G0HDB

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