Locked Re: Using WSJT-X with SDRs #SDR

Peter Hall, VK6HP


I use my SDRPlay RSPdx receiver with WSJT-X and it works well.  I implement the CAT and audio paths via free versions of VSPE and Virtual Audio Cable, respectively.  The SDR program, SDRuno, allows easy selection of the CAT and audio paths.  I imagine many similar SDR applications have the same facility. It's just a case of making a device pair within VSPE, and tweaking the monitoring capability of VAC should you want to monitor the receiver audio in the PC speaker. Just select a basic Kenwood CAT protocol in WSJT-X.

It's likely possible to do the same thing for a small SDR transceiver since the paths are bi-directional, so you could have both a beacon transmitter and receiver.

73, Peter.

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