Re: Possible defect with IC-7300 and WSJTx #Cat_RigControl

Bill Somerville

On 15/09/2021 12:16, Tim wrote:
Hi all,

I'm getting random disconnects with the obligatory pop-up window when WSJT looses contact with the radio.

I have an IC7300 s/w version 1.4, connected via USB to my PC running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and WSJTx v2.4.0

The problem exists using either hamlib 4.2 & 4.3.

No TX is involved, the radio is just sitting there in RX, so its not an RF interference issue.

I've tried changing between "Split" and "Fake it" but the problem remains.

I've tried changing the baud rate from 115200 down to 38400 to see if that would help, but no.

I've changed the USB cable to no effect.

I spent a couple of hours on 20m today and the random disconnects happen during TX cycles too.

Not sure where else to check, so I thought I'd ask here.

any help appreciated.


Hi Tim,

do you have "CI-V Transceive Mode" enabled on your IC-7300? It should be disabled.


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